Saturday, July 2, 2016

Hey! Who's Coming?!

Hi folks! It's JULY! We're TWO MONTHS away from the show! Not a whole lot of you responded to the poll, but those who did indicated a dinner on Saturday night before the show would be preferred. With a 3:00 concert start, that makes sense -- trying to squeeze everything in on Sunday might be too much. So the key thing we need to know is WHO'S COMING?!! Even if you couldn't get tickets to the show, you're plenty welcome to join us for dinner in San Francisco. If you haven't done so already, visit our Facebook page and add your name to the comments so we can add you to the list.  If you're not on Facebook and plan on coming to the dinner on Saturday, comment below so we can add your name to the list!  Let's DO THIS!  WOOO! 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Quick Survey

Just a few questions to help with the planning process.  Please take the survey -- polls close April 30!

Take the Survey!

Monday, March 14, 2016

JPP Rides Again!

With the announcement of the Journey/Santana "San Francisco Fest on the Green" concert in San Francisco on Sunday, September 4, your friends from Journey Past & Present have reassembled to put together a low key pre-concert gathering for anyone coming in for the show.  Details are still being worked out as to date, time, and place, so stay tuned as we figure it out.  Right now, we're leaning towards a Saturday evening event on September 3 rather than try to pull something off Sunday morning before the show.  Questions and comments are welcome!